Week 9 Instructional Stategies

  • Name the five learning components of an instructional strategy and list the primary
    considerations within each;
  • Describe considerations in selecting an instructional delivery system;
  • Sequence and arrange content in lesson-level cluster;
  • Plan the learning components of an instructional strategy, including preinstructional activities, content presentation and learning guidance, learner participation, assessment, and follow-through activities, for a set of objectives for a particular group oflearners;
  • Specify learning components that are congruent with learners' maturity and ability levels and the type of learning outcome.
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Chapter 8 Developing an Instructional Strategy
[Dick, Carey, & Carey (2009) pp 164-221]

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pdf Clark et al - An Analysis of the Failure of Electronic Media and Discovery-based Learning: Evidence for the Performance Benefits of Guided Training Methods

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