Week 3 Goals and Front-end Analysis

  • Define performance analysis, needs assessment, needs statements, and instructional goals;
  • Identify an instructional goal that meets the criteria for initiating the design of effective instruction;
  • Write an instructional goal that meets the criteria for initiating the development of instructional materials;
  • Evaluate instructional goals for congruence with learner characteristics, learning and performance contexts, and tools available for learners.
book Week at a glance

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Chapter 2 Identifying Instructional Goals Using Front End Analysis
[Dick, Carey, & Carey (2009) pp 14-37]

pdf Performance Problems Flowchart Handout

Assignment 0 due: document Goal Statement

Review the assignment description and the narrative on pages 25-26

Your goal statement should describe the following:

  • The learners
  • What learners will be able to do in the performance context
  • The performance context in which the skills will be applied
  • The tools that will be available to the learners in the performance context


activity Required Activities

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watch Domains of Learning (~19:00min, 47.1MB) download(right click to download)
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? Supplementary Activities (optional)

Gagné, R. M. (1984).pdf Learning outcomes and their effects: Useful categories of human performance. American Psychologist, 39(4) 377-385.