Week 13 Summative Evaluation

  • Contrast formative and summative evaluation by purpose and design.
  • Describe the purpose of summative evaluation.
  • Describe the two phases of summative evaluation and the decisions resulting from each phase.
  • Design a summative evaluation for comparing alternative sets of candidate instructional materials.
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Chapter 12 Designing and Conducting Summative Evaluations
[Dick, Carey, & Carey (2009) pp 318-341]

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presentation Designing and Conducting Summative Evaluations (~18 Minutes, MB)download(rt click)

Assignment 6 due Sunday 10:00PM EST: Print-based Instructional Materials

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If you have time, listen to this ASTD podcast of Dr Kirkpatrick (39min- on training evaluation):

Johnson, R.B., & Dick, W. (2012). pdf Chapter 10 Evaluation In Instructional Design: A Comparison of Evaluation Models. In R. A. Reiser and J. V. Dempsey (Eds) Trends and Issues in Instructional Design and Technology. (3rd Ed). (p96-104) Allyn & Bacon: Boston