Week 11 Formative Evaluation

  • Describe the purposes for and various stages of formative evaluation of instructor developed materials, instructor-selected materials, and instructor-presented instruction;
  • Describe the instruments used in a formative evaluation;
  • Develop an appropriate formative evaluation plan and construct instruments for a set of nstructional materials or an instructor presentation;
  • Collect data according to a formative evaluation plan for a given set of instructional materials or instructor presentation.
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Chapter 10 Designing and Conducting Formative Evaluations
[Dick, Carey, & Carey (2009) pp 256-293]

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presentation Designing and Conducting Formative Evaluations (15 minutes, 9MB) download(rt click)

assignmentAssignment 4 (Due Sunday July 8th 10:00PM EST) The next step in the instructional design process is to create a plan or blueprint for the instruction, called the Instructional Treatment Plan. You will select appropriate instructional strategies and determine the best choice of media for the instruction. Please use the attached template to help you develop this plan. Add this to your prior work as we have done before.

? Supplementary Activities (optional)

youtube Introduction to Instructional Design: Formative Evaluation