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Internship Application

*NOTE: Your internship application is a reflection of your work and must be professional in appearance. It will be reviewed by school district personnel, school principals, and cooperating teachers. Complete each item below correctly and fully.

Fall Internship Applications are due by February 1
Winter Internship Applications are due by August 1

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Section A: Personal Information

First Name: Last Name:
NSU ID: NSU Email:
Address: City:
State:          Zip code:
Home Phone: Mobile Phone:
Degree Level: Campus:
Date of Birth: Place of Birth:
High School Attended:


  • Sex:
  •  Race:

Section B: Student Placement Information

I would prefer assignment in     County

My professional preparation is in:

I would prefer assignment to Grade Level.  

Current Occupation:    
Business Name:    
Business Address:    
Zip code:    
Business Phone:  

Please List Schools in the County where you:

Have worked
Have relatives working
Currently have children attending
Have done field experiences or any observations

In submitting this application, I understand that I must fulfill all requirements in order to be fully approved to participate in the internship program.